Product and Services


  1. Anionic surfactant from palm oil for enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  2. Stimulation agent
  3. Asphaltene dissolver
  4. Wax removal
  5. Sludge breaker
  6. Oil well cleaning
  7. Water conning reducer
  8. Oil spill dispersants (OSD)
  9. Bioremedition
  10. Herbicide
  11. Pesticide

Advantages of pam oil based surfactant for EOR application:

  1. Renewable
  2. Environmental trading
  3. Good dispersion ability
  4. Good detergency characteristic in hard water
  5. Calcium tolerance
  6. Stable at reservoir tempertaure up to 176 oF



SBRC provide services such as:

  1. Research and study collaboration : process technology, management
  2. Consultancy and assistance : business, land survey & mapping, policy
  3. Laboratory analysis : seeds, soil, surfactant, biodiesel, bioethanol
  4. Training program on surfactant and bioenergy

Training topics :

  1. Surfactant formulation for IOR, EOR, herbicide and insecticide, personal care product, cleaning agent and other application
  2. Jatropha curcas : propagation, seed quality, cultivation, pest and diseases
  3. Biodiesel processing based on Jatropha, olein, stearin, PFAD, waste cooking oil, coconut
  4. Bioavtur based on palm oil
  5. Bioethanol processing based on molases, cassava, sago, seaweeds
  6. Biogas processing based on manure, POME, seaweeds
  7. Utilization of agricultural by product as biobriquatte, biopellet, and compost
  8. Develompment of glycerin-biodiesel by products for industrial application
  9. SCM and Risk Management on biofuel business